The Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) safeguards individuals who are detained or subject to an Article of the Mental Health Law (for more than 72 hours).
The Tribunal is made up of the Chair – who is legally qualified, a Medical Member (a doctor) and a Lay person (who has knowledge of mental health conditions).
An individual can make an application to the Tribunal themselves, through Independent Advocacy Jersey - My Voice, or with the support of hospital staff. 
A family member can make an application to the tribunal if they are the Nearest Relative or Nearest Person under Jersey Law.
The hospital can refer cases to the Attorney General for review if an individual has been in hospital for an extended period and has not requested a review or cannot request a review because they lack capacity to do so.
Appeals against Article 21 detention (28 days - for assessment) can be made during the first 14 days of detention.
Appeals against Article 22 detention (up to 6 months - for Treatment - this can be extended) and Guardianship Orders (Art 14) can be made at any time (although there is a limit to one application every six months).


Downloadable Forms

Specific to Mental Health Review

Mental Health Review Tribunal - Online Application Form (for those appealing their own detention in hospital)

Capacity Tribunal application form - Online Application Form (for those appealing Part 5 of the Capacity Law)




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